It's a mad lawless world! What is frightening is that in 3 years there has been no repercussions and no accountability and they are STILL pushing the jab. It's the wild wild west where the citizens have no guns and we are ducking for cover in this polycentric climate the WEF did promise us. However, in order for grass roots to establish itself, the old order needs to fall away and this is what we are witnessing in real time. Yes it will be extremely uncomfortable and we must not falter from our "do not comply" and ,like Ying and Yang, the tide will turn.

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The TGA and ATAGI are a disgrace, and always have been. They pretty much just copypasta the US FDA. The Australian government could save themselves a bunch of money if they just had a teenager write a Python script to scrape the FDA website - but it's not about saving money: they're a Priesthood (or a Rabbinate).

As a couple of examples:

① they permitted replacement of pseudoephedrine with phenylephrine in products like Codral and Sudafed, when the latter is KNOWN not to work when administered orally;

② they banned products containing dimethyl amylamine (DMAA) after claims of 2 deaths GLOBALLY that were "linked to" the use of products containing DMAA;


Like almost every government instrumentality, they are unfit for purpose. If their output is in a person's information landscape, then that person is not behaving epistemically.

The problem is that the leadership of the AMA uses TGA assertions on the pretence that those assertions are scientific - and threatens any non-compliant practitioners with de-licensing.

The medical 'profession' is highly unscientific: like the legal 'profession' it relies on "no ticket, no start", and depends critically on legislatively-imposed barriers to entry into the field.

The Replication Crisis was already well underway before Pfizer did it's increasingly-comical "clinical trial". Pfizer was already known to be corrupt to the point of criminality.

Anyone who trusted any combination-of-forces that included Pfizer or the government, is an idiot and should be prevented from reproducing - and should be denied any role in society-wide decision-making (they should not get to vote).

When the jabs were being foisted on the public, I coined the term #OneQuestionIQTest - indicating that any adult whose life was arranged such that they were vulnerable to coercion, should re-arrange their lives STAT.

If people didn't do that, that's on them.

So I view it as a GOOD thing that Pfizer has quadrupled the price for the latest booster: it's the PERFECT 'Darwinian Filter'.

Anyone who is stupid enough to line up for yet another booster, has had 3 years to wise up to the game and has refused to do so... I hope that people that stupid die, and/or their reproduction rate falls to zero.

The world has morons aplenty, so anything that gets them to (stochastically) euthanise themselves is a good thing. The more dead flabby-armed mask-wearing Karens, the happier I am.

Fat Karens are the main Shock Troops for the Teals; the WEF; the 'Yes' campaign; the Carbon scam - all the way down to bullshit like Drag Queen Story Hour. They're dumb, gullible, and absolutely convinced that they are 1000% correct in their mindless support of The Current Thing, because Housewife TV and "Insta" told them so.

Dead Mudbloods is actually a great outcome.

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"After almost 4 years of constant lies, misinformation and disinformation, drug regulators around the world..."

Actually it's more like 40 years. If you look into drugs like statins, SSRIs and PPIs you'll see that the FDA has been failing us miserably for a long time now.

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The media is to blame because they failed their job right from the beginning. They were bought, sold and never delivered any investigative truths. The public unfortunately never stood a chance. These murderers just marched right in and took over soon as biden and his ilk hit the WH as prez and even before while vp to o'bama. The media was the middle of what was going on and what they told us - which was nothing but propaganda, lies, and disinformation. There are no journalists today - they don't exist - just robots repeating what they're told. Soon as Murdoch took over all the media - I felt something amiss to allow an unlawful monopoly yet he was allowed to do it. The plan to take over the world by our own 'governments' was a plan in the making decades ago and with no effective journalism to count on, we were doomed from the gate.

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FDA always has and always will be the FEDERAL DEATH AGENCY!! They have never been about health but about greed and kickbacks from death and destruction!

As far as the CDC aka Center of Death Control - they work TOGETHER to enhance the overall plan of GLOBAL DEPOPULATION!! It's why Rockefeller changed our medical system to petroleum based drugs and when the cancer started - he started the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY TO COVER UP THE DEATH AND DESTRUCTION ONCE AGAIN!!! WAKE UP TO THE KILLING FIELDS - Hospitals! Why do Drs where white coats - because they are Butchers!!!

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Just as our safety is our own personal responsibility, so is our health. The idea that we need a government agency to "take care of us" is insulting.

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Posted By Dr. Michael Yeadon September 11, 2023

Some of you may recall a population forecast by a group called Deagel for many countries that was online in 2020.

For U.K. it predicted a reduction in population of more than 70%, with falls in USA only a little behind at 68%.

The target date given was 2025.

So far, though all-causes mortality is hugely and unmistakably well above recently established trend lines, accompanied by unprecedented falls in live birth rates, extrapolating a further two years wouldn’t result in population reductions anything like as large as in the Deagel reports.

I infer that there’s a high likelihood of further assaults on the population.

I have read documents going back decades and the self appointed elites anticipated using a mixture of infectious diseases, poisonous vaccines, regional conflicts including civil and general wars, even starvation.

Please use your imagination. If you were trying to harm a population with plausible deniability, what would you do?

Some combination of these seems likely to occur.

The perpetrators are not going away unless and until enough of us say no.

You do not have to comply with unjust laws. It is often said that “When government becomes tyrannical, resistance becomes a duty”.

I have read that those who would visit tremendous evil on others are required, by their own perverted code, to warn their victims beforehand.

Best wishes


CIA, DoD & Rockefeller Foundation exposed as Masterminds behind Deagel.com’s eerie 2025 Depopulaton Forecast & COVID Vaccine Death Data suggests they’re right on track!

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Where on earth are all the other practicing OB/GYN doctors, in the USA who have witnessed the damages to mother and baby exposed to the covid jabs. Dr. Thorp cannot be the only one.

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Great piece and yes the TGA is incompetently corrupt at best, malicious malfeasance bordering on psychopathic at worst.

Sadly, we have always been on our own, since the Flexner Report, 100+ years ago.🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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Excellent read and the linked articles and sources - These Government Agencies are a disgrace and must be defunded and shut down. Start over. Everyone is on their own to find good doctors, medicines, etc. Truly stunning to me is the information about money being paid, to incentivize hospitals, then the Dept HHS paying money to Obstetricians to follow the "script" and give shots to pregnant women telling them is was safe. Doctors got paid to follow the script, if they deviated they had to pay back. Absolutely no Moral Compass - truly horrifying. It is beyond alarming FDA just approved another untested shot for a variant long gone. And Provident Healthcare announced a few days ago they would required all employees to get the shot by Nov. 30, 2023. These peoeple have lost their minds. Arrest them all and throw them in jail - Crimes against Humanity - These should be pulled from the market and never used again. Keep up the great work.

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This document shows the way that regulations of products including medicine might be going. I am terrified about this. In the long run, it looks like it will loosen regulations and give more discretion back to the businesses. The Canadian government entered this agreement in secrecy. That is the telling part of it.

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Yes, but not as a general unqualified recommendation .

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AHPRA is captured also.

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This little piggy went to the market

This little piggy stayed home

He had a cold and flu like illness and didn't want to roam

He took all his medicine

Then died on the floor

Leaving a widow and family behind

Destitute and poor

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There’s a very good lecture by Dr David Healy on the history of medicine in which I think he concludes that medicine started to go wrong in about 1980. This was when doctors in hospitals started to be ruled by mangers more interested in limiting liability than helping patients.


We are on our own and I have more or less resolved not to take anything which hasn’t been on the market for at least 40 years. So simple pain relief or antibiotics is about it. Statins, SSRIs, the new weight loss pills belong in the garbage bin.

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How to use the captured agencies???? Is the way to bring accountability through suing their decision makers individually?

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